New Jersey Adoption Home Study Requirements

Magnifying Glass and Small Toy houseAn adoption is a wonderful option for prospective parents in same-sex relationships, parents who are unable to conceive naturally, or individuals or couples who wish to give their love to a child who needs a home. Clients seeking to adopt are often overly concerned about one particular step in the process: The home study. Below, we demystify the home study process for individuals and couples seeking to adopt. If you are interested in adopting a child in New Jersey, speak with our knowledgeable and compassionate Englewood adoption attorneys.

Steps in the Home Study Process

The home study process is an opportunity for the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCP&P), or a licensed state-approved private agency to learn about the home of prospective adoptive families, as well as for the families to learn about the adoption process and the agency.

The process includes the following steps:

Talk to a seasoned New Jersey adoption lawyer about your interest in adoption to get started on the process, ensure your eligibility, and take your first steps toward sharing the love your family has to provide.

  • Interviews & home visits. DCP&P agents or representatives from the private agency will visit the homes of prospective parents and interview each of the family members. The home visits will include individual and joint interviews of prospective family members as well as safety inspections of the home.
  • References and background checks. The agency will collect references as part of the home study to ensure that the prospective parents are fit to care for adoptive children. The agency will collect personal, employment, educational, child care, and medical references, among others. They will also conduct a criminal background check and review any child abuse records on any adults over 18 living in the home.
  • Approval process & licensing. After the home study, background checks, and application documentation are taken care of, the agency will send a licensing inspector to the home to ensure that all licensing safety requirements have been met. Following the completion of the licensing visit, parents will receive approval to adopt.

Help With Your New Jersey Adoption

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