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A father spending time with his son

New Jersey Parenting Time Issues

By Helene Herbert |

A recent New Jersey appellate case illustrates some of the issues that can arise in implementing divorce judgments that involve custody arrangements, especially with ex-spouses who cannot agree on anything.  Read below for the details of the case, and contact an experienced New Jersey child custody and divorce attorney with any questions about custody… Read More »

a divorced couple

After the Divorce: Continuing Issues That May Come Up

By Helayne Weiss |

Divorce proceedings can be long and drawn-out, but once they are finalized, moving on with your life is important.  The final terms of a divorce are not, however, set in stone.  There are issues that may arise even after a divorce is finalized due to changes in circumstances for the former spouses or their… Read More »

judge in courtroom

Three Tips on Following Proper Courtroom Etiquette at a Divorce Hearing or Trial

By Helene Herbert |

Appearing before a judge in your divorce may feel scary. If you’re like many people, you’ve never had to appear in court for any reason, let alone something as personal and emotional as a divorce. Fortunately, the basic rules you should follow when appearing before a judge aren’t difficult to learn, and following them… Read More »

money in envelope with gavel

So You’re Considering Becoming a Lender to an Ex…

By Helayne Weiss |

There isn’t always a simple way to divide a piece of marital property in a New Jersey divorce. For instance, the asset may be a house that one spouse may want to continue living in for sentimental reasons, or which would be difficult to sell for full value in the current housing market. The… Read More »

Judge Helene Herbert Image

Press Release

By Helene Herbert |

Englewood attorney Helene Herbert was sworn in to serve as a municipal judge for the borough of Waldwick in Bergen County. Judge Herbert is a practicing family law attorney at Herbert & Weiss, LLP who also serves part-time as a municipal judge in both Waldwick and Bergenfield. Please click here to read the full Press… Read More »

young girl at new school

When Divorce Means Switching Your Child’s School

By Helayne M. Weiss |

Divorce can be an extremely difficult time for children. Not only are they losing the family life they’ve always known and seeing their parents in pain, they’re also losing the routine on which they had come to rely. Adding in a change in schools after a split can make this time even more stressful… Read More »

the divorced couple with kid.jpg.crdownload

Finding Positive Feelings for a Co-Parent

By Helene Herbert |

Co-parenting can be a challenge, even for parents who are still happily married. Once your romantic relationship with your co-parent has ended, however, reaching a consensus on how to raise the children you share can feel impossible. Finding a way to coexist peacefully, even happily, with a co-parent will make the decades you spend… Read More »

Family divorced during the holidays

Make Your Post-Split Holiday Season Less Stressful

By Helayne M. Weiss |

The holidays can be a sad, lonely time after a divorce, but they don’t have to be. Read on to learn about some ways that you and your kids can make the holidays fun after a split. Communal holidays aren’t for everyone You may hear people talk about sharing Christmas morning or a holiday… Read More »

Attorney name sign with divorce form

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your New Jersey Divorce

By Helene Herbert |

Lawsuits can always have a personal impact on the plaintiffs and defendants involved, but few types of legal issues have as personal an impact as do divorces and child custody battles. Since these cases are so personal, the choice of who should represent you before the New Jersey Family Part judge becomes of critical… Read More »

Parental Conflict with child

Sharing Parenting More Important than Conflict-Free Parenting, Research Shows

By Helayne M. Weiss |

It’s no easy task to figure out how to be an effective parent after a divorce. You might assume that, after years of watching their parents fight while married, it is critical that you protect your children as much as possible from future conflict between yourself and your former spouse. Some parents attempt to… Read More »

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