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Complex Divorce Attorneys in New Jersey

Not all New Jersey divorce cases are so readily or easily resolved; hence, complex divorces. In some cases, issues such as high assets or high conflict make the divorce proceeding especially complex. The knowledgeable and experienced family law attorneys Herbert & Weiss are especially skilled in the handling and resolution of complex divorces. Contact our family law office to discuss your divorce and how our dedicated Englewood divorce lawyers can help.

In the best of circumstances, divorcing spouses are able to come to an agreement on the division of marital property, the payment of alimony, and matters related to child custody and child support. In these uncontested divorces, especially if the parties had legal assistance drafting or reviewing the agreement, the judge is able to review and approve the parties’ agreement and incorporate it into a final divorce decree in just a matter of months from the initial filing for divorce. Even if some matters are contested, they can generally be resolved through mediation or in a courtroom hearing.

High-Asset Complex Divorces

Probably the most common factor leading to a complex divorce is a high net worth divorce where one or both parties have a high net worth singly or together. Building a case for an equitable distribution of the marital estate can be especially challenging when the estate is large or contains any of the following complex assets:

  • Family business
  • Cash business
  • Trusts
  • Stocks
  • Real estate investments
  • Pensions and profit-sharing plans
  • Self-employment income
  • Offshore accounts

Courts look at a variety of factors during the property division in a New Jersey divorce, and it is up to the parties’ attorneys to prepare and present a strong case guiding the court on these factors. High-asset divorce cases often involve business valuation using any number of different valuation methods, such as the market approach, income approach or asset approach. Commingling of assets over the years may also require complex asset tracing to determine the character of assets as separate or marital, and when one party is intentionally hiding or improperly valuing assets, forensic experts may need to be brought in. The Englewood divorce attorneys, Herbert & Weiss can help in the location, identification, characterization and valuation of all marital property to be divided in the most complex New Jersey divorces.

Resolving High Conflict Divorces in New Jersey

Another type of complex divorce is the high-conflict contested divorce, where dug-in positions and animosity get in the way of a quick and reasonable resolution in everyone’s best interests. Sadly, child custody disputes are often the most contentious and emotional aspects of a divorce at a time when civility and respect would likely yield the most practical and functional results. Unfortunately, for some people “winning” the divorce at the other spouse’s expense becomes the goal of the process and leads to tactics ranging from never compromising to lying to implementing a “scorched earth” approach to issues of custody, support and the division of property. We can’t control the behavior of the other party, but we can counsel you on the best ways to deal with a high-conflict divorce while protecting your rights, your best interests and your emotional wellbeing.

Complex Divorce Factors

Other factors which create complex divorce situations include:

At Herbert & Weiss, our experienced Englewood divorce lawyers can provide sound advice, practical guidance and excellent, professional representation no matter the type and complexity of issues involved in your New Jersey divorce.

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