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5 Stars

When my 29-year-old daughter, and only child, was killed in the line of duty, and with no other living relatives, I was faced with a difficult and painful job of redoing my will. My long-time attorney had recently passed away. I was very pleased to hear about Herbert and Weiss, a law firm with a great reputation. I found both Helene Herbert and Helayne Weiss to be knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate and truly caring. I was able to complete my will with their help to my relief and satisfaction. In addition, I found their support staff to be genuinely courteous. I truly recommend that you give them an opportunity to help you with your legal concerns!


5 Stars

Excellent legal team. Professional, dedicated and experienced. I highly recommend this firm for all your divorce needs. Helene Herbert is a compassionate and caring lawyer who can forecast challenges and will fight hard for you!


5 Stars

I recently had the need for legal counsel regarding my previous divorce litigation. I was given Helene Herbert's name from my wife. I found Helene to be intelligent and thorough with her review and processing of my case. Her office was also helpful in guiding me through the legal process. I was overall very satisfied with the level of attention and follow up given to me and my concerns. I would highly recommend her and will absolutely continue to utilize her services in the future.


5 Stars

Following a very draining four-year-long dispute over a house that I co-owned with my ex-husband following our divorce, I decided to enlist the help of Herbert & Weiss in order to finally expedite the settlement of this issue. Helene Herbert was instrumental in stepping in, taking charge, and resolving in a few short months what could have taken another couple years on my own. From the very first day I spoke to her about my situation, she made me feel confident and assured that the problem could be resolved swiftly and easily, and she was right. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

I was desperate and at my wit’s end when I contacted Ms. Herbert for assistance, but she quickly took action to alleviate me of the stress and anxiety of the situation in a professional and efficient manner. I regret the many years that I spent trying to resolve the problem with my ex-husband on my own, and not seeking legal counsel sooner. A lot of time and effort (and headaches!) would have been avoided if I had contacted Herbert & Weiss sooner. Working with Ms. Herbert on this matter was truly effortless, and was one of the best decisions I ever made. She handled everything, from start to end, and brought about a resolution to the situation quicker than I could have ever imagined.

Ms. Herbert is a true professional in every sense of the word. She took the time to get to know me, understand every aspect of my case, and move forward with navigating the legal system in the proper way for me. Beyond her meticulous and thorough work ethic, Ms. Herbert is a genuinely great human being. She is caring, compassionate, and all-around sincere in every way. Similarly, I enjoyed working with everyone else at the firm just as much also. Whenever Ms. Weiss would assist with my case, she demonstrated the same level of diligence and professionalism as Ms. Herbert, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Even the office staff were always helpful, well-informed, attentive, and extremely pleasant to work with. The Herbert & Weiss law firm is truly reflective of an organized and cohesive family, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in working with them.

Ms. Herbert turned an extremely stressful situation for me into an effortless, quick process. I can’t thank her enough for all of her thorough and diligent work on my case. I was proud to refer to her as my attorney, and now today I’m happy to call her a friend.


5 Stars

I met Helayne Weiss and Helene Herbert when I was at the lowest part of my life and figured there was no one who could help me with my legal issues pertaining to my divorce.

Helene Herbert sat and listened to all my concerns of my life and family. They represented me in such a professional manner in court that that I didn’t have to even tell them what I needed as they knew what was in my best interest.

In an impossible situation I ended up with everything I asked for plus more. This firm was always available to me 24/7 and battled on my behalf as if it was for them. Not only are they knowledgeable about all legal issues, they are caring about how these legal issues pertain to their clients. Their paralegal spent countless hours preparing my case and they knew my PSA - and divorce decree inside and out.

At the same time I was diagnosed with a life threatening brain aneurysm and they even helped me find top neurosurgeons at Columbia Presbyterian NYC. They not only wrote my Will but assisted me with all the necessary paperwork needed to protect my daughter and son for the future. They have been helping me step by step on each road I had to travel during my recovery in order to become a whole person again and protect me legally. I thank God I met them because getting me into a top surgeon in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where the operation was successful and they saved my life.

I consider this law firm to be part of my extended family and will continue to use them for all my legal needs now and in the future.


5 Stars

Helayne Weiss represented me in my divorce proceedings, and throughout, both her legal advice and personal relationship with me was nothing short of outstanding. My goal was that of a speedy resolution to the divorce and Helayne made it happen. From a legal standpoint, Helayne is very well versed in the court and divorce process, and provided me with outstanding legal advice. It is apparent that she is truly there to represent the best interests of her client, even when the client him/herself is not always prepared to act in their own best interests.

Helayne was understanding and supportive of my needs, while never failing to provide accurate legal advice and working toward my best interests. She was professional, with a no-nonsense approach, yet at the same time compassionate, down-to-earth, and approachable and accessible; she was able to make me feel comfortable and understood during this personally difficult process.

The entire team at Herbert & Weiss was a pleasure to work with. I was always kept up date on all aspects of the process, received prompt answers, and was never left to feel as simply “another nameless client”, as the entire team was well versed in my case and able to address my concerns immediately. I highly recommend this law firm and Helayne Weiss’s services.


5 Stars

After having hired two other firms to represent me in my highly contentious divorce, I felt dejected and financially drained without an end in sight. Out of desperation to protect my children, I sought out another firm to represent me and was referred to Herbert & Weiss by a friend. My entire experience in the divorce process was finally set on the right track and ultimately settled in my favor as a result.

From the beginning, Helene helped put my mind at ease. She took great care in attention to detail, making sure she truly understood every aspect of my case along with what was important to me, which involved the custody of young children, child support, division of marital assets, and my ex-husband's request for spousal support.

Helene had the knowledge and fortitude necessary to ask the right questions and use the appropriate information to benefit my case and bring settlement to fruition. More importantly she did an amazing job keeping me informed and teaching me about the overall process to ensure I was comfortable and well-informed at all times.

Helene is courteous, patient, and simply a wonderful human being with strong ethics, which is hard to come by these days. Don't be mis-led by her pleasant demeanor, I was amazed to watch Helene in action. She really knows when to turn it up and how to work around the strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses of her opposition. I was proud to have her by my side then, and still turn to Herbert & Weiss for all my legal matters, including updating my Will, Real Estate transactions, Child Support issues, and more.

Honesty and integrity permeate Helene's personality and work ethic. It was evident in the court house that she is highly respected by her own peers and judges and I was extremely fortunate to be represented by such fine counsel during my divorce.


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