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couple filing for divorce with forms and presence of lawyer

Disadvantages of Filing for Divorce First in New Jersey

By Helayne M. Weiss |

When a marriage is beginning to fall apart, people begin to decide whether divorce is their best option.  If they do decide to divorce, they often wonder whether making the first move and filing for divorce is in their best interests, or if instead they should wait to see if their spouse files.  There… Read More »

Sad little boy overhearing his divorced parents having an argument

Does Domestic Violence Affect Divorce in New Jersey?

By Helayne M. Weiss |

Domestic violence is a persistent problem among New Jersey married couples, despite the fact that many abused spouses keep their abuse a secret. Domestic abuse is more than just physical violence; verbal and emotional abuse can be just as harmful and cause damage to the spouse and children who are the victims or witness… Read More »

Collaborative Divorce Settlement Agreement

4 Disadvantages of Collaborative Divorce

By Helayne M. Weiss |

Separating from your spouse is never painless, and a contentious courtroom divorce can make the process even more grueling. In recent years, many divorcing spouses have opted for alternatives to courtroom divorce, such as collaborative divorce. While this alternative is a great choice for some couples, there are downsides to collaborative divorce that spouses… Read More »

restraining order documents. illustration design

What are Grounds for Filing a Restraining Order in New Jersey?

By Helayne M. Weiss |

You don’t deserve to fear for your life or safety, or for that of your children or other family members. If a relative, roommate, spouse, or romantic partner makes threats against you, then you have a right to protection from that harassment. Learn more below about the grounds for filing for a restraining order… Read More »

Mother who has custody of two children in divorce

NJ Appellate Division Rules All Custody and Parenting Time Decisions Should Be Treated Equally

By Helayne M. Weiss |

It may seem an obvious proposition at first blush:  In any decision involving the rights of parents regarding a shared child, the same rules and standards should apply.  Namely, decisions regarding parenting time and custody should focus on the fundamental rule that the best interests of the child are paramount.  New Jersey Courts, however,… Read More »

Restraining Order form with gavel

How Do I Get a Restraining Order in New Jersey?

By Helayne M. Weiss |

Physical and emotional abuse are more common than we as a society like to acknowledge. Whether abuse has always been present in your marriage or has become a means for a partner to exert control in a failing relationship, you have a right to live free from fear and mistreatment. For many victims, an… Read More »

heart symbol cut in half with rings inside

How to Live with an Ex after Filing Divorce

By Helene Herbert |

Divorce can impose a number of heavy financial burdens on splitting spouses. There is the cost of filing a divorce with the court, the cost of hiring an attorney you can trust to walk you through the process, the cost of child support and alimony while the divorce is ongoing, and, on top of… Read More »

Small girl holding a bible

Child Custody and Religion in New Jersey

By Helayne Weiss |

For many issues that arise in divorce proceedings, especially regarding children, there is no clear answer to the question, “What will the court decide?”  Courts decide based on the best interests of the children, which is a very case-specific question.  However, when it comes to religious upbringing for children with divorced or otherwise separated… Read More »

Couple hire a surrogate to carry out their baby

New Jersey’s New Surrogacy Law Makes Gestational Carrier Agreements Enforceable

By Helene Herbert |

Governor Phil Murphy recently signed into a law a bill that will help infertile and LGBT couples feel secure in entering “gestational carrier arrangements” with a woman who will carry their child to term and now make surrogacy contracts enforceable.  Continue reading to learn about the new law, and contact a knowledgeable New Jersey… Read More »

Boy getting punched in the face to illustrate cyber harassment is domestic violence

Cyber Harassment is Domestic Violence in New Jersey

By Helayne Weiss |

While we often think of domestic violence only in the context of physical abuse of one spouse by another, domestic violence can take many forms.  Below, learn about the different forms of harassment prohibited by New Jersey law, and contact an experienced New Jersey domestic violence attorney for additional help. The types of domestic… Read More »

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