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A prenuptial agreement is a document that is entered into between two adults. It can be two same sex adults, it can be a man and a woman. When you enter into a prenuptial agreement, one of the most important things to do is to give yourself enough time to have the agreement drafted and then reviewed by counsel, and also so that you’re not signing it so close in time to the wedding date, otherwise that prenuptial agreement may be viewed as being signed under duress.

When you come to Herbert & Weiss to work on your prenuptial agreement, please we need you to bring your last three years tax returns. We also would need a list of all of your assets, all of your debts, and as well as any of your life insurance policies and your W2’s from last year, as well as if you have been previously married. We would also need to know all of your children, their ages and if there’s any wills that have been drafted.