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New Jersey Parental Rights Attorneys

With few exceptions, every New Jersey parent has a right to be involved in their child’s life and upbringing. Whether a co-parent wishes to keep you from being a part of your child’s life, or the state has accused you of being a danger to your child, you’re entitled to challenge these interferences with your ability to be a parent to your child.

Bergen County parental rights lawyers are ready to help

If your parental rights have been threatened, get a lawyer’s help in protecting your ability to be a part of your child’s life. Contact the Englewood parental rights lawyers at Herbert & Weiss for a consultation on your custody dispute.

Parents have a right to representation in DCPP hearings

Having a child brings a great amount of joy and responsibility into a parent’s life. Carrying out these responsibilities can be a challenge, and every parent has made mistakes along the way. In cases where the state believes that a parent may be putting their child’s health or safety at risk, the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) may intervene.

Both federal and New Jersey state laws offer protections for the rights of parents to raise their children. Whether the DCPP wishes to bar the parent from visiting with their child and make the other parent the sole custodian, or remove the child from parental custody and place them in the care of the state or a foster parent, the parent being accused of dangerous behavior has a right to have a lawyer represent them when facing the DCPP. The seasoned attorneys at Herbert & Weiss understand the fear that many parents experience when facing the threat of losing custody and are ready to defend these rights in a hearing. Our compassionate Englewood attorneys can work to find a custody or visitation solution that will best provide for you and your child’s interests.

Proving paternity of a child

Before a parent can exercise their rights to visit with their child and make decisions about their upbringing, they may need to prove that they are, in fact, their child’s biological parent. Likewise, a mother may need the court’s help in establishing the identity of a father in order to receive the child support payments they need and deserve to help raise the child. Not all parents are eager to allow access to the child for the necessary testing to establish parentage, nor are all potential fathers willing to undergo these tests. Parents may need a lawyer’s help when proving paternity—lawyers like the Bergen County child custody lawyers at Herbert & Weiss. Contact our effective and knowledgeable Englewood parental rights attorneys to help you get the testing you need to prove the identity of your child’s biological parents.

For compassionate and professional legal help with a New Jersey custodial dispute, adoption or other parental rights issue, contact the Englewood parental rights lawyers Herbert & Weiss at 201-440-6300.

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