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Family Law Attorney Serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey

The stressful issues of family law hit hard at a time when our clients are most vulnerable. Our clients come to us worried about their future, concerned about whether they will be able to survive financially, worried about their children, or afraid they will be kicked out of their home. When faced with divorce, there are many questions and issues racing through your mind, and you know you have a lot at stake. We know that, too, and we are here to protect your rights and help you through this difficult time.

Our comprehensive New Jersey family law practice encompasses many of the most common and most important areas of family law, including:

Divorce – We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces. When the divorce is contested, we provide persuasive negotiation and strong, effective advocacy in matters involving

property and debt division, alimony and child custody and support. Our Bergen County family law attorneys have particular expertise representing parties in high-net worth divorces and in dealing with post-divorce issues such as modifications or enforcement of custody, support and other domestic relations orders.

Prenuptial Agreements – No one enters a marriage thinking it will end badly, but we all know that divorce is prevalent in today’s society. Openly discussing the couple’s expectations for property distribution, alimony and other issues in the event of divorce or death can be a healthy way to start a marriage, with security and peace of mind, especially when there is a disparity of wealth between the couple or if one or both spouses had a previous difficult divorce that left them wary about trying marriage again. We negotiate fair, sensible premarital agreements based on full disclosures that meet the present and future needs of our clients.

Adoptions – Helping families grow through adoption is one of the most satisfying experiences we have as family law attorneys. We help couples through the often-complicated process of agency adoptions, private adoptions, international adoptions and stepparent adoptions, as well as adoptions by grandparents or other family members in the best interests of the children.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is a very real and tragic occurrence in New Jersey and elsewhere, and we take a strong stand in helping victims find safety and put an immediate and lasting stop to abuse. At the same time, we know that these issues can be complicated and sometimes involve misunderstandings, overreactions and even false accusations. Our practice includes the representation of those accused of domestic violence in certain situations as well representations of abuse victims.

LGBT – All of the above family law matters apply to gay couples as well, and often their resolution is more complicated due to novel questions of law, biases, or working with judges, juries and other lawyers unfamiliar the application of family law to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) peoples. Our comprehensive and inclusive New Jersey family law practice embraces LGBT clients, to whom we provide sound legal advice and professional representation with familiarity and experience in the field.

Dedicated, Comprehensive Family Law Practice in New Jersey

A combination of a strong support system and a good divorce attorney will help guide you through these emotional and difficult times and make sure that your rights are respected and your needs are met. From legal separation to name changes to questions of paternity and legitimization, Herbert & Weiss has the answers to your family law issues and needs. For advice and assistance from an experienced Englewood family law attorney in Bergen County and northern New Jersey, give us a call at our offices in Englewood, or contact us online to set up an initial telephone consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your family law needs.

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