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The New Year as a Time for a Fresh Start

DIVORCE marked roadWhen a new year rolls around, there’s a natural inclination to take a look at your life and think about whether it’s full of activities and relationships that you find fulfilling. For those in unhappy marriages, this could mean giving serious thought to ending the relationship and making the new year your fresh start. If you’re considering filing for divorce in the coming year, you aren’t alone. Read on to learn about the reasons that January is a popular month to file for divorce, and speak with one of our compassionate and knowledgeable New Jersey divorce attorneys if you would like to discuss seeking a divorce in the coming year.

Many couples wait until the new year to file for divorce for financial reasons

The end of the year can bring a great many expenses in the form of holiday gifts or travel costs to visit far-flung relatives. After these expenses, some couples simply don’t have the extra money to cover the costs of a divorce, such as a cost to rent an apartment or furnish a retainer for a quality divorce attorney. Additionally, some couples hold off on filing for divorce until the new year to simplify their tax filing. Year-end bonuses provide some spouses the extra money needed to move out on their own.

Family members may provide the motivation to wait until the new year to file for divorce

Many of us don’t see our extended families except for during the holiday season. Couples may not be eager to cast a shadow over that time together with the news that they’ve filed for divorce. Couples with children may believe that they’re doing the best thing for the kids by staying together through the holidays. This may not be the case if parents can’t be in the same room without getting into an argument. Children are perceptive and will not be able to enjoy the holiday knowing that their parents are miserable or constantly arguing.

Couples might hope that the holidays will bring them back together

The holidays can be a time where we reconnect with loved ones. Some spouses might hope that this time together, along with nostalgia for joyful holidays past, might bring them closer to their drifting partner. In a relationship that has already suffered insurmountable damage, however, this may be impossible.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in New Jersey in the coming year, consult with the skilled and knowledgeable Englewood divorce attorneys at Herbert & Weiss at (201) 500-2151, with additional offices in Englewood.

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