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How Much Does a Paternity Test Cost in New Jersey

DNA Test Papers and a brush inside a tubeIf a child is born to a married couple, then the law presumes that the husband is the father. If the parents are not married, then the child’s paternity must be affirmatively established through a legal procedure. For instance, the parents can jointly decide to sign a “Certificate of Parentage.” If, however, the putative parents do not agree on the identity of the father, or if another party has reason to contest paternity, then an interested party could seek a paternity test. Read on to learn about paternity tests in New Jersey, and call a dedicated Englewood paternity lawyer for help with paternity or another New Jersey family law matter.

DNA Test Costs Vary

Paternity tests are a form of DNA test. They are conducted by state-approved private companies and paid for by the parties, even when ordered by the court. Technically, a county agency may pay the initial cost for the test, but the agency will request the court to make sure the agency is repaid by the party that requested the test, with certain exceptions. If a party wishes to contest the results, they can do so, but they will be required to pay the costs of additional testing. A party seeking a paternity test can request that the county cover the price if they show they are unable to afford the test.

Depending on the company used, the cost for a legally admissible paternity test starts at around $175 and goes up from there. The cost of the test may depend on how many people are involved (e.g., multiple possible fathers), the speed with which the results are desired, and the location of the testing facility. A home paternity test might be cheaper, but they are typically not admissible in court.

Court Filing Fees May Also Apply

If the putative father, the presumed father, or the legal mother of the child refuses to allow a paternity test, then the interested party will have to seek a court order to force the paternity test and paternity declaration. Filing a complaint in a New Jersey court costs $250 while filing a motion in court is an additional $50. Filing a divorce complaint in a family court costs $300. Additional fees may apply, and indigent parties can request a fee waiver.

Get Help Establishing or Challenging Paternity from Experienced New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

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