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Abuse of Parental Discretion for Taking 11-year-old to a Pink Concert?

An Ocean County Family Law Judge recently ruled that taking your 11-year-old daughter to see the pop artist known as “Pink” is not an action worthy of judicial reprimand.

The mother, who is currently embroiled in an ongoing custody dispute, was forced to defend her decision to take her daughter to the concert when the girl’s father accused her of abusing her parental discretion. Citing “lyrical profanities” in some of Pink’s songs, as well choreography and dance moves that were allegedly sexually suggestive, the father argued that the concert was harmful and age-inappropriate for their daughter.

The mother of the girl disagreed with the characterization of the performance, arguing that the performance highlighted gymnastics and aerobics which the child has a particular interest in.

Court Agrees With the Mother

In a colorful 37-page decision, Superior Court Judge Lawrence R. Jones held that, under New Jersey Law, the mother’s decision to take her daughter to the concert was well within her prerogative as a joint custodial parent. In his decision, Judge Jones held, “Pursuant to N.J.R.E. 201(b), the court takes judicial notice that over the past sixty years, in the United States, rock has grown into one of the most popular, deeply engrained, and culturally significant forms of creative artistic expression in the history of the nation and world… rock music has become not only an audio art form, but a highly visual art form as well.”

Judge Jones further explained in his decision that some of Pink’s lyrics, far from being age-inappropriate, are in fact very relevant to teens and pre-teens in 2014 America, and that “from an artistic standpoint are particularly noteworthy in addressing important themes and messages which are objectively relevant and very relatable to young Americans in high schools and junior high schools throughout the country.”

Know Your Custody Rights

Fully understanding your custody and visitation rights can be difficult. New Jersey courts are empowered to make a broad variety of decisions regarding your child, ranging from joint custody to sole physical and legal custody. Don’t allow the court or your former spouse to make those decisions for you – you’re entitled to be represented by a skilled family law attorney who will fight to ensure that you and your child’s rights are protected. Call us now at (201) 500-2151 to schedule an initial phone consultation.